About Our Kits...

All of our kits come with 2 European medium-gauge Felting Needles,  North American  High-density foam (or Wool Felting Surface), a generous amount of wool in colours specific to your project, full-colour printed instructions (or E Tutorial) with a size guide diagram to follow along.  

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A little about Beth & The Fibre Ark

Our Fibre Journey began when we purchased our first Shetland Sheep Lettie, Kezzie, and an older ewe (Hessie) who was due to have a lamb the following year. To our delight Tilly was born in April - a chocolate brown ewe lamb with a beautifully soft fleece. Growing up I'd always loved the thought of Shetland ponies, so when I heard of Shetland sheep I was naturally drawn to them! They have wonderful, spunky personalities, a resilient outlook, and gorgeous fleeces. Shetland wool comes in a rainbow of natural colours, it's fine enough to make some of the most intricate lace shawls, and strong enough to hold it's shape when felted without the need for a metal armature. Creating a wool business developed as my mom and I realized how much we loved raising sheep.  As part of the local fibre arts guild I was introduced to lots of exciting fibre mediums and was able to take part in all kinds of workshops from knitting & weaving, to felting & wool dyeing. I appreciate craft - there's nothing quite like making something unique and enjoying the process. Our kits help you learn the fundamentals of needle felting, with results you can be proud of! 
What inspired the name?
The Fibre Ark name was my Mom's idea! We are both Christians and I grew up learning about all the wondrous animals God made. Kind of like in Noah's Ark, we wanted our animals to be happy and safe. It's a sanctuary where the sheep's purpose is simply to grow lovely fibre and to live out their full days on our farm. Our oldest, Hessie, is still with us at 15 years of age. As you can see we felt LOTS of different animals, so that also ties in with the Noah's Ark theme!
Over the years our flock has blossomed to around 45 sheep, primarily Shetlands, but including Blue Faced Leicester, Finn, and Wensleydale sheep. In 2018 we also welcomed 5 Alpacas to the Farm...Nativity, Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Star.


Hay Meadows Farm Contact Info:

Millarville, Alberta ( near Calgary )

Phone: 403 536 0820 

Email: bethanyharrisartist@gmail.com

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